Vaishakhi Lahoti


A foggy drive
February 26, 2012

A picturesque opportunity can arrive any time.  This instance was when we were driving back from Indianapolis on a real foggy day. It was scary and amazing at the same time. My Canon 60D paired with the  60mm EF-S Macro did a great job except its not easy to continuously focus or hold the camera steady inside a car. Here is where Youtube comes to your rescue. The video editor feature is the coolest thing that has happened to youtube. It can stitch up your videos, fix them in all possible ways, and as I realized try and stabilize the video too. This video is a great example of that feature. One of the other feature in Youtube editor is the ability to rotate photos.
Often I just take a photo in a portrait mode and continue with a video in the same orientation. You could try rotate the video on your system before uploading it but it seems much more easier when I know my target audience is going to see the final result on the web. The cons of this process are the clear loss of clarity due to compression methods by youtube but if you have a fairly old system with a processor that cringes at the thoughts of churning videos, this may be a good alternative. Go Cloud!