Vaishakhi Lahoti



If you’ve reached this page, then chances are that you know me very well. If not.. Welcome my new friend!
This blog is my crazy attempt to put in words what I love about Photography. I am by no means a professional, but I do believe I’ve come a long way since I took my first photo around in 1993. No, I am not that old, I just started out young! A few of my friends suggested that I write about photography, which I initially dismissed considering how less I think I know about it. But what the hell, photographer or no photographer, it’s always nice to share your thoughts.
I am also a loyal Canon fan, a wife, a Mom , a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, not all in the same order though.
Not sure what this blog will become, but I hope you participate in the discussions, for that is the very reason I am doing this – to connect with all my friends crazy about good pictures.
With Love
Vaishakhi Lahoti