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From the Sky

A few things have changed my life the last year. We moved to California, I began working from home, and for reasons I am still trying to fathom, I stopped writing this blog. Its not for lack of creative fodder, we've traveled more than we ever have, and captured more...

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Panorama Galore

Back after a long hiatus. Its been a crazy couple of months and between shifting cities and adjusting to the new city, there has not been much of time left for blogging. For most of July I was not even able to take any pictures with the camera simply due to other...

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In my last post I mentioned Fireworks and it seemed like a good segway into this post. Fireworks are a budding photographer's real test. Its technically challenging and needs patience. With July 4th just around the corner it doesn't hurt to brush over the basics of...

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The Strutting Peacock

On our trip to the St Louis Zoo, we saw a lot of animals. What we did not expect is to find this peacock strutting around in front of the rest room showing off its colors. Good thing then that I had my camera handy. After I took a few shots of the beautiful feathers,...

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Starry Starry Night

It was about midnight, the embers from the bonfire had almost died down. Fireflies danced around our camp to lighten up the pitch darkness. The wind rustled and I looked up to see a clear sky with a dazzling array of stars, sparkling through just like the fireflies....

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Hungry anybody?

Food photography is one of those realms that I feel I am still so behind the curve. Its not so much lack of technique that hinders me, more so of lack of the right settings and of course the food. Blame it on the craze for the show "Chopped", in the past few years my...

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Sunset in Jamaica

I was eagerly looking forward to our vacation this year. Negril, Jamaica was our destination and its known to be one of the best beaches in the world thanks to the clear blue waters and fine white sand coupled with timid shallow waves. The photo opportunities were...

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Spring is here

  As a photographer it is an absolute joy to finally see some colors after a drab winter season. For me though, this year spring brought in enough work from my day job to kill any hopes of taking many photos. So I drove along the roads looking at the cherry...

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A foggy drive

A picturesque opportunity can arrive any time.  This instance was when we were driving back from Indianapolis on a real foggy day. It was scary and amazing at the same time. My Canon 60D paired with the  60mm EF-S Macro did a great job except its not easy to...

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Be Silly.. be Splendid!

  [widgetkit id=1014] One of my oldest and very dear friend had baby last month. I was so excited I could hardly keep it to myself. I've known her for 19 years now, so this was a BIG deal. I took the first opportunity to drive to her place and give her a surprise...

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Imperfect is perfect!

So everyone has a digital camera now. Most of us have more photos than we can care for. A lot of us want photos that are perfect. Not having to worry about film rolls is great..   and in the search of that one perfect photo it's so easy to miss out on some not so...

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My First

    We all start some where, some time. I tried to think of my first recollection of a photo, and this had to be it. I love this photo, its my five year old sister playing dress up in a Saree. I had just received my mom's almost broken Yashica Lynx...

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Happy Birthday my SLR!

I should have celebrated today. Its been exactly one year now that I got my SLR and its been one hell of a journey! From being an absolute novice who didnt know the diopter settings to somebody who has fun giving SLR tips to other newcomers, its been there with me...

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