Vaishakhi Lahoti


Devious Journal Entry
November 15, 2008

After my headshot session I decided to try my hand at silhouettes. With limited equipment (no tripod yet and no decent lights) I had to make do with whatever in the house. and am learning that even though I can skip the tripod I still need to create some softboxes. For that I need to buy some lighting. DJ is in US (again) and am hoping to buy that sort of stuff right after he is back.
For this shoot, I had to try had have a very bright but uniform light behind me. I used our new floor lamp and covered it with a white cloth to make the light more diffused. Then shut off all the lights in the room to make sure this was the only light source.
The hard part is always setting up the camera and being able to operate it from afar. This is I think the biggest challenge for self portraits. Thankfully Canon shipped a very handy software along with the camera which allows remote shooting. All I do is plug the camera to my laptop, and then I can see what the camera sees. Still focussing is a BIIG issue since I need to do it manually using the laptop. Am waiting for when the camera will be able to do autofocus shots with remote shooting.