Vaishakhi Lahoti


Flower Mania
March 28, 2009

This I have to write about..
my latest fad- Flowers..
yeah yeah, I’ve been crazy about flowers forever but after the Gangtok trip I was hell bent on finding out the names of some of the flowers I’d photographed. It was irritating to see an awesome flower and not know what its called.
So…. lets bring flickr to the rescue. That place is a gold mine. Initially I left a few photos to be identified by others, and some good samaritans (this guy is the best ) left notes about the flower types. Some myths were dispelled and I put my little foot in to the vast field of botany.
OH MY GOD.. there are soooo many flowers.. and so few of them we know of and even when we see one we have no clue what they are called. Sure we probably know their local names, but this is different. In one week I know more about flowers than I have in all of my life. I wish I could post all of the names here, but I think I’ll find a better avenue, a e-scrap book for flowers 😉 yeah I am crazy. That’s for certain.