Vaishakhi Lahoti


Spring is here
March 27, 2012
As a photographer it is an absolute joy to finally see some colors after a drab winter season. For me though, this year spring brought in enough work from my day job to kill any hopes of taking many photos. So I drove along the roads looking at the cherry blossoms blooming all around me and the dogwoods teasing me with all the flowers. One day there was nothing but bare branches and within a week there was color all around. It took a good amount of effort and will and love for flowers to finally drag hubby and baby to the Missouri Botanical garden- my mecca for all things flora. This year there was an orchid show that made it all the more enticing.
As expected, I could barely walk a foot without taking a photo. And after we were done with the Orchid show and all the Magnolias and the Cherry Trees, I was left with more than 300 photos to process. In the olden days (when life was easy and there was lots of time to spare) I would have worked on all of them. Now, I had to ruthlessly delete anything that was remotely similar or not perfect. Cutting it down to about 60 odd photos and working on them still took a whole week. By now, am so tired, I don’t want to look at them, but I know next year I’ll see these photos again and feel happy.
Although sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the late nights and the dark circles….